subject line: when you are the one that comes after.


Lancaster, Pennsylvania

he loved someone else before you. for a very long time.

you can’t just call it a “sensitive subject”,
it’s more than that.
we’re talking about more than two years of his life invested in one person
and one person only.

insecurity comes into play when you realize that you are a new set of hurdles for him that he is not used to.
you are not the person he’s grown accustomed to being with.
you are not the lips that he’s comfortable kissing.
your hair is blonde and hers was brown.
you are different.
are not

take a deep breath, punch the air, shake your head out.

all of that is okay.

that’s how life works.
he and I have both left and been left. we have hurt people and people have hurt us.
life isn’t stopping for anyone.

and now, we’re together.
I am not her,
and that is okay.
time will pass. a year, two years will go by. hopefully three. four.

I will try with my whole heart to love him better than any who came before me.
he doesn’t deserve any less.

and no matter what,

I will not compare myself to her.