subject line: I can't wait forever to learn about a mortgage and taxes and stocks. Where are you?


Tulsa, Oklahoma

Send her flowers. Send her flowers when you mess up and send her flowers just because. Figure out her favorite flower and go from there.

If she likes Thai food, eat it with her even though you don’t.

Kiss her forehead when you leave for work before her. Pull her back into bed when she leaves before you.

Grab her hand when you’re walking on busy streets. She needs to know you like to be connected.

Call her before you go to sleep when you’re apart. Remind her how magical and marvelous she is.

Go to church with her.

If you love her, tell her. Tell her before you break up with her. And if you want to marry her, do it. Tell her. She deserves to know. You don’t get to make that decision for her - find out if she wants that too. I’m sure she will. Who wouldn’t? When you know you love her, don’t wait - tell her. Right then. Immediately. This is so important.

You hurt me. It’ll probably always hurt. Don’t hurt her, too.