subject line: you are the most wonderful.


Eastern Europe

The level of adoration I have for you transcends that which I thought I could feel for anyone ever again, but I’m not scared. I see you, and the ways your eyes light up like the shiniest of stars as your thunderous, full laughter fills a room until it’s exploding, and I know that you are what I’ve been looking for for so long. I didn’t think it existed, but here I am, sitting in your presence on a warm morning with a pot of tea in between us and sleep still in your eyes.
And it’s not our time yet, but I know that it will be someday when God knows we are ready, and we will bask in each other’s radiance and laughter as our dog sleeps on the couch and our collection of tea from the herbs in our garden fills our pantry and it will be wonderful. And I will love all of you and you will love all of me.
And until then I will wait patiently and continue to be in awe of you and your wisdom and perseverance and positivity in all that you do. And I will continue to glow every time you place your hand on my back and tell me that you believe in me even when I do not have that same belief in myself.
I hope someday to read this back to you, rings on our fingers, enjoying the first days of the rest of our lives together.