subject line: missing a stranger.


Back Home

I stood out on my porch today when it started to rain, and I held a cup of lavender tea in my hands and thought of you. We haven’t spoken for more than a week, and my phone feels useless without a new text from you lighting up the screen. It’s lonely, you know - it’s lonely being someone you left behind. I don’t know if you’re angry or if you want to hurt me or if you just forgot about me once you left the place where you really needed me. I thought about texting you a few days ago, sending you an apology for something I wasn’t sure I did, but I was hurt and besides, I didn’t know what to say. You’re a mystery to me these days, a stranger in my best friend’s clothes who doesn’t seem to want or need me anymore.
I miss you. But then, I’ve been missing you for a long time. Even though we haven’t spoken in a week, you haven’t been you for months. I guess I’m just realizing it now, finally seeing clearly as the tea grows cold in my hands and the rain pours down on the place we both call home.