subject line: give me a sign.


Right Here

I realized this week, amidst the chaos of my evolving life, that I had feelings for someone. And, although, we’ve been acquaintances for years—and I questioned whether I had felt something for him when we’d first met—I’m finding myself drawn towards him in a different, more certain sense, now. I’m unsure how to extend my heart into the life of another person. I’m unsure how to trust someone who could simply toss me away after digging through all that I am.

But, I want to know him. I want to open my heart, and I’m afraid. If I do, I risk being broken. But, if I don’t, will I forever regret it? I don’t know what I’m trying to express, why I’ve found myself writing an anonymous email over such a trivial matter. Maybe, I’m just looking for a sign that something could go right, for once.