subject line: confusion is my middle name.



Last night I was texting my best guy friend and he always says I’m too hard on myself so I told him I had written down a list of things I like about myself. He said that was great, but an armature list, I should really talk to him since he’s an expert and has been adding things that list for over six years. Obviously, I was curious so I asked for some things on that list, expecting the basics of “funny, smart, pretty” but instead I got.
“I like that you always put other people first, when you’re having a bad day.”
“I like that you always understand me even when I don’t.”
“I like that you always laugh at my stupid jokes even when they aren’t funny.”
“I love your smile, it always makes me smile too.”
“I love that one blue dress from your high school graduation pictures.”
“I love your hair, straight hair is too boring and curly hair is too much, but your hair is the perfect middle ground.”

And it goes on. All I could think about was in “When Harry Met Sally” how he is telling her all thing things he loves about her. I know everyone says “be with your best friend, marry your best friend”. But what am I suppose to do if I’m not in love with him? So I guess this is just me sending this question out to the universe and the community of wise, broken people. Do I go for it or do I hold out for someone else?