subject line: about a boy pt. 2



It’s been a year since I submitted “about a boy”. That boy & I haven’t stopped talking since that day. A year ago, all I knew was that he liked straws & that despite all of my quirks, he liked talking to me. Half of me didn’t expect him to stick around. Half of me expected him to get tired of me. He didn’t
It’s Tuesday and that means that he’s going to get home from class at eight and immediately ask me why i’m not at his apartment already. And then it’ll be four hours curled up next to him on the couch making a playlist for his radio show the next morning, and he’ll claim every week that the playlist wouldn’t be made if I wasn’t there. It’ll be a walk to whole foods for mochi and a conversation on the steps outside his apartment, and by the time midnight rolls around, he’ll give me a hug & it’ll make me feel whole again.
I didn’t know when I met him that he would show me how to love myself. I didn’t realize that a conversation about straws would lead to all of this. Meeting him meant finding the person who helps me through my panic attacks, assures me of my worth when my anxiety is crushing, and reminds me every day how glad he is that we have each other. So from that bench where we met on a Saturday, to his couch on a Tuesday night, 365 days feels like just the beginning of us.