subject line: just like when we were kids.


Los Angeles, California

i’ve called you mine for 3 years now. sometimes it feels like we’ve gotten a little lost. we went from not being able to take our eyes and hands off each other to forcing ourselves to make eye contact with each other when we’re in a fight. we let things get in the way - traffic, friends, work, sleep. sometimes we go days without smiling at each other. and there’s no one to blame but ourselves. i blame myself because i know that you are mine and sometimes i take that for granted.

but tonight, tonight was different. tonight we drove up to the mountain that we always used to go before we started dating. we made out in the back seat of my car and fogged up all the windows. we undressed each other and then laughed about it when it was all over. then we drove back down the mountain, hand in hand, and i drove you back to your house. when we arrived at your driveway you decided that it would be a good idea to go get ice cream, at 11pm on a Sunday night. and so we drove to get ice cream and played top hits with all the windows rolled down.

all this to say, tonight i felt like a kid again. more importantly, we felt like kids again. the thing is, we chose each other. we are committed on the good days and the bad days. when we feel old and when we feel young. but tonight i feel like i am 19 again, falling in love with you all over again. i never knew something so simple and nostalgic could make me feel so good.

so here’s to all of you who feel a little stuck with the one you love: go back to the beginning. make yourselves feel like kids again. you have the rest of your life to be an adult. i think its important to remind yourselves what life felt like when you first fell in love.