subject line: one flight at a time



I quit my job.

I quit my job because my boss told me I was fat.

I quit my job and everyone told me that I shouldn’t, that I should pretend they didn’t mock my appearance because it’s hard to find a job. It’s hard to make money in a city where you’re competing with everyone for a job that just barely pays the bills. It’s hard to survive where your rent is higher than food costs and you spend every weekend searching for something free, because the ten dollars you’d spend on a cover charge could cover food for a few days.

I quit my job because I understand that it’s better to be broke and searching for yourself than to feel your confidence break down every second. Because, the reality is, I am not fat - I am just bigger then her.

So as I wander the city in which I have planted my roots, with a spontaneous flight to Rome sitting in my back pocket, I remind myself that we are all lost. We are all working a lifetime in which we seek the weekends for comfort.

I simply cannot live like that. So I’ll pack up my small suitcase with a weeks worth of clothes, drive through Italy, and come back to my home knowing I deserve more.

I deserve more than the employers who find joy in tearing someone down. I deserve more than the boy who doesn’t text back. I deserve more than the friend who only calls when she needs something. I deserve happiness, and damn it, I’m going to find it... one flight at a time.