subject line: cupid nocked me on my ass


the station, VA

Relationships have always terrified me. I never dated in high school. Never dated in my first couple years of college. And I honestly thought It would remain that way and I was okay with it. Then one night five months ago I’m at a party sitting at the bar and a random guy sits next to me. He asks if I’m in his anatomy class and we laugh about his drunk friends and I’m comfortable. Fast forward five months and I’m dating that random guy, but now he’s not so random. He has a little sister, a dog named Brenna, blue eyes like the ocean, and he hates mayonnaise. And oh man I love this boy. I miss him when he leaves to go to work or class, and he never escapes my mind. When he plays with my hair, butterflies throw a party in my stomach. It’s crazy how one minute you can be thinking that you’re going to be a spinster for the rest of your life and the next you’re sitting beside a guy you’re falling in love with, eating chips and queso and laughing ‘till your chest hurts and everything is suddenly okay. Life has a funny way of working out.