subject line: here's a new one for you


New (York) City

We haven’t been together for quite some time, but I never deleted your city on my weather app. I found a strange sense of comfort and familiarity in being able to look at your city and at least know what the weather was like near you.

That’s all I knew about you after we ended. You don’t have any social media pages, and we don’t talk, so the only thing I could do was imagine what you were doing that day. On days when it was beautiful out, I pictured you sitting in your office pissed that you were working away another sunny summer day. On days when it was pouring rain, I pictured you in your favorite flannel watching a Leonardo DiCaprio movie. I somehow felt like I could track the rhythms of your life without actually knowing a single detail, solely based on the changing weather. You must know someone pretty well to be able to do that.

I couldn’t bring myself to swipe left on your city and delete it on my phone because in a strange way, it was all I had left of you.

But the other day, I was looking up a new city and mindlessly deleted yours because it didn’t seem relevant anymore. It was one of those things where you surprise yourself once you’ve done it. I think that’s how you know you’ve really been able to close those doors that always seemed to be cracked open no matter what. I haven’t thought about the weather in your home, and because of that, I really haven’t thought about you either. And it feels really good.

I bet the inventors of the iPhone weather app had no idea what soul-changing things would happen to people by adding and deleting cities. It’s pretty strange, come to think of it, but it was necessary. I now actually check the cities that my brothers and my parents live in. I never did that before - and that seems to be a whole lot important to me right now.

Whatever new boy and new city (hopefully the one I live in) come along, you will be my next addition on my app and I can’t wait to see what the weather’s like by you one day.