subject line: worth it.


Washington D.C.

Over the past three+ years I have become a self-declared queen of my self-worth- something I never realized I wanted to be queen of, but am so proud of my crown. Earning this crown was nothing like the Netflix series; it was a process of constant refinement, as documented in my emails about sweet rejection, being ghosted after first dates, and crying in the Wendy’s drive through emotionally eating chicken nuggets.

But friends, this is an email to tell you it was all worth it. In January I went on a first date with a man who opens my door, pulls me close, and prays over our meals. We go for walks, cook breakfast for dinner, and play HQ trivia together every night. He listens to me talk about Augustine, the enneagram, and nods while I explain why Gilmore Girls is the greatest TV show ever produced. He works so hard at his job, loves his family, and quotes the fruits of the spirit to me as he shows them to me daily. On our first date he held my hand as we were walking to his car and he has felt like home ever since.

Saturday we went to the Symphony. On our way there he handed me a box saying “Happy Late Valentines Day.” I open the box to find a beautiful, hard cover, old smelling book by Augustine, in Spanish. He bought it for me when he was in Barcelona, trekked it across the Atlantic, and gave it to me in a green box tied with a red ribbon. I have never felt so known.

I get it. To my gal pals reading this thinking “sweet story this will never happen to me.” Girl, I thought the same thing. And I know I might not convince you otherwise, I never thought it would come. I hoped it would, but I’m not sure I truly believed it would.

Keep shining those jewels on your self-worth crown. Keep trudging through the mud. Keep sharing your light to those around you. The valley is worth it. The work is worth it. The wait is worth it.