subject line: the woods.



I don’t know if I can enter the woods with another person. I’ve never really had a desire to fix people and I think it is because I am fully aware of my smallness. It kills me that all I can do is love fiercely but I cant save them, I cant fix them. Depression hangs like a cloud over my tightest circle and the lightening strikes too often. On some days the light comes breaking through and on other days, and sometimes weeks it feels like it will never stop pouring. That eventually it will start to flood and we’ll all drown. And I know that watching someone battle depression will never compare to living with it, but it sure isn’t easy. I know the signs well, they are like flashing red lights to me. I can see it in the eyes of a stranger, but when it lives in the eyes of a friend you deny it because it’s easier that way. It is easier to remain hopeful. Depression isn’t something that you can run away from or escape though. It unpacks and stays for the long haul and I’ve learned that that too is my job. To unpack and stay as long as it takes. To survive it with them. So to my friend that has always been the positive one. I’ll take over for awhile. I’ll walk through the woods with you. One day I hope that this worn down path will once again be overgrown.