subject line: an Instagram caption I would never post.



One of the first things I learned about you is that your favorite meal of the day is breakfast. In college even if you slept in until 2 pm, you still wanted breakfast. Then, a BEC... now, a cheese omelette with bacon, broccoli, and hot sauce and a chocolate chip pancake. We sit down, look over the menus, talk about what we’re going to get, and then I say, “and can we split a chocolate chip pancake?” You always say yes and then eats your entire omelette before taking a bite of the, by that time, half-eaten pancake.

I used to think it was weird though that when we were at home you say things like, “I’ll take one with less chocolate chips.” and sometimes you don’t eat any with chocolate chips at all.

My point here and what I am getting at is that i know you don’t like chocolate chip pancakes - I do. I love them actually, but I would never allow myself to just order chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast because I’m way too self-conscious. And you know that.

Without you, I focus so much on other people. On what they have and what I don’t. Their jobs, their houses, their relationships. I get jealous when I see a couple get engaged, or take a lavish trip, or really do anything at all. But when I think about my future and where I want to be someday, the only thing I can think of is how lucky I’ll be if when we’re old and gray, I’m sitting across the table from you, eating a chocolate chip pancake.