subject line: post-graduate



I’m done acting like the only heartbreak I’ve suffered is because of men. I’m heartbroken that everywhere I go, people are doing heroin. Out in public. On the street. In the middle of the city, the touristy part. I’m heartbroken that I’ve been looking for a job that will give me benefits since I graduated three years ago, and I can’t find anything that provides benefits and a decent living wage. I’ve been on interview after interview. I’ve applied to job after job. Cover letter after cover letter. I’m heartbroken that people don’t seem to care about facts anymore. When I argue “politics” with people, they shut down when I bring up facts. I’m heartbroken because I’m exhausted after my shifts. My job is physically intense and I’m in a management position. Being in a good position is still barely enough to pay your bills now. I’m heartbroken that I’ve barely tapped into my student loans. For all I know, they’re accumulating faster than I’m paying them and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m heartbroken that my friends are depressed and suicidal because they all have degrees and nothing to do with them. I’m heartbroken my friends have talked about doing cocaine like it’s nothing. Just a party drug. I’m heartbroken that my bosses won’t even try to communicate with their Spanish-speaking workers. I’m heartbroken that they won’t listen to their black workers tell them someone is racist. I’m heartbroken that the company I work for is considered progressive just because we have black workers and Mexican workers. I live my life each day trying to be satisfied. Be grateful. There are just some things you can’t ignore, though. People walk around acting like it’s normal for the middle class to just have their teeth falling out these days. I bet a lot of you can relate to a lot of these things if you’re living in the United States. It isn’t right that talking about this is considered political. This is my everyday. This has nothing to do with politics.