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Golden State

I have had so many different types of days filled with so many different emotions throughout my life time. I have had days when I allowed myself to sink in sadness over little things. There were days when I was at war with my own mind. Days when I was happy, so happy that I felt like I was on top of the world. Days when my heart literally ached for someone who didn’t even think about me. Days when I felt completely alone although I had an amazing friend by my side. Days when I looked at life and didn’t see a purpose anymore. Days when I looked in the mirror and hated my body, the way I looked, a certain facial expression I made, my smile, or the side view of my nose. Now I look back, and for the first time I can say i’m actually happy, and things are going in a positive direction. I can look in the mirror and point out my positive features, instead of just over focusing the ones I don’t exactly love. I’m not bragging or saying I have reached “utopia”. I am saying that life may seem like a lost cause, or seem not worth it. Many things are temporary in life, some good things are, too. But the negative feelings and the negative thoughts that harass you everyday are temporary. If you find this email, know that things will get better. Stay strong.