subject line: 4,073 miles



I ought to try and make this eloquent but people are messy and broken and hurting isn’t always poetic.

Seven months ago the boy I fell for moved 4000 miles away to North Carolina and, sure, it’s easier months on but, yes, you guessed it, I still miss him.

There’s this aching inside of me to glimpse that smile, catch his eye from across the room and see his thoughtful, composed expression dissolve into a bashful grin, to meet his determined gaze and beat his ass at cards but laugh till we cry doing so. To argue over which 80s song is the very best (definitely ‘love train’) and whether marmite beats pb&j (it does) and what constitutes a ‘long’ journey (8 hours??!?).

So, J, if you find this email, just know that I wish the Atlantic wasn’t so vast and that I miss you. I really do.
E x