subject line: hold tight, the beach is near


Tropical Paradise

for as long as i can remember, i hated mornings. to me, there was nothing worse than being forced to get out of my warm bed by the sound of an alarm and the rain beating against the window to embark on a day full of things i didn’t care about. in college, it became less about the weather and more about the stress. i would wake up to the mess of things that i didn’t get done the night before. i went through the majority of my four years of undergrad being a hot mess most of the time. i often described it as feeling like being held underwater. i felt captive to the storm.

you see, i’ve never been one for the “academic” lifestyle, i love learning. i love embracing new ideas and discovering new passions. but i don’t like the expectations and the pressure. to care about things and people that i could really care less about. i kept pushing and pushing through, because i knew that eventually, there had to be shallow water where i could finally breathe.

and this post is about how i think i’ve finally made it to that shallow water. hell, i think i’ve made it to the sandy beach. i’m sitting in a coffee shop on a tuesday morning with no agenda. i can do whatever i please. i have nowhere to be and nothing to do. and all i can think is, this is the freedom that i’ve been waiting for.

it feels good. so to anyone that is still stuck in the storm, i promise you there is a beach that you will eventually wash up on. it’ll happen in the blink of an eye, when you’re so busy trying to keep yourself afloat, and then suddenly, you’ll be in paradise.