subject line: half of my heart.


Big City in the Midwest

I’m set to marry a man in just ten days. I have the lace covered white dress and the seating arrangements all set. The very last details are coming together, and the truth is, only half of my heart is in it.

Half of my heart wants this. The little apartment in the city, waking up to the same man for the rest of my life, making the most of living paycheck to paycheck. Half of me thinks marrying him is the best thing that’s happened to me.

The other half of me wants to jump in my car, take my refund check, and drive to a new city, start a new life and a new career. I could be anyone I want to be. I could be free. I could blossom.

Is it wrong to be wishing myself out of monotonous days of stress, disappointment, and numbness?

Ten more days.