subject line: different



The other night we were at a party. When I got all my stuff and said, “ready!” he noticed all the little things I was about to leave behind and got them for me.

He goes running with me even though he hates running more than most things.

He always asks me how I am, and remembers everything. Weeks later he will bring up details about me I always assumed he forgot.

He tells me the hard truth when I need it, even if I really don’t want it.

He pushes me to write in a planner and to actually organize my life because I am usually a hot mess.

I am fiercely emotional, he is a steady heart.

He doesn’t try to change who I am, but he betters me. He challenges me.

He does these things because he knows me. He looked for my things even though I swore I had everything, because he knows I am painfully forgetful. He runs with me because he knows it is one of my greatest joys. He asks me questions because he knows I feel loved most by words of affirmation and intentionality. He doesn’t feed into my emotions but meets them with concrete truth because he knows in those moments what needs to be done is for me to be pushed back to the Heavenly Father.

He does things things because he knows me.

Why is it then, that when he boldly claimed he cares for me as more than a friend, I turned him down?

So many people told me he wouldn’t be able to care for me in the way I need.
I can’t help but believe it’s the other way around.
We are so different. It scared me.
He is nothing that I dreamed of — or even wanted.
But what if he is exactly what I need?