subject line: we're all grown up.


Loveland, Colorado

I love coming back to these messages and hearing people say, “I used to write about heartbreak here all the time, and now I made it out and I’m happy and maybe I found someone that treats me better than the heartbreakers.”

And it makes me realize that I, too, used to come here and pour out my heart about the boy with blue eyes who I loved, and he messed it all up. Messed me all up. And it took days and months and years, little moments after little moments of choosing to build a life that I liked better than that one, but I made it.

I married the boy with green eyes who loved me back, and now we have the most precious baby girl in the whole world. And you, maybe you’ve made it too, or maybe not. Just remember to hold on, breathe, and be patient, because we’re all going to make it someday.

We’re all grown up, and damn it, I’m proud of us.