subject line: pretty as a peach.


St. Louis + Missouri

Everything reminds me of you.
That stupid country song came on today, “blue ain’t your color”, it was the one you used to sing to make me smile when we spent thousands of miles together.
A friend asked if I wanted to grab sushi, but my empty stomach turned at the thought of our first time out with your grandparents and our last time out with each other.
I didn’t shower for a few days, all I could think about was the way you would pick up my peach body wash, smile and say “pretty as a peach” I’d laugh. My heart would race with every inch of skin your fingers traced, and broke wondering how they landed on hers.
I believe we all make selfish mistakes that don’t look like us at all; or who God intended us to be. We break hearts in the process, and scar our skin trying to take back the mistakes we’ve made; but if we choose to learn, love, and give others the grace we have been given, then I beleive we all come out better people.
So even with a broken heart I want him to see the love I have for him, and my brokenness isn’t enough for me to leave him alone in this. If he needs a friend, I’ll be there. If he needs a thousand kisses, I’ll be there. If he needs one person to remind him how loved and deserving he is everyday, I’ll be there; because if our mistakes break us instead of build us, then love wouldn’t exist.