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The Gathering Place

Sometimes I feel like I’m ruining my life because I’m 26 and living at home for the summer to save money for school across the country. It will be my second year.

I haven’t lived in my hometown for years. When I left, everyone was young and free, and now I’ve returned to marriages and families and mortgage payments.

Honestly, I’d love all of those things and swore I’d have them too, by 26.
But between the moments I feel 14 steps behind, I’m so thankful for the story I’m writing. I know who I am, and I’m learning who God is, and what I wanted when I was young and free and 19 years old in this hometown of mine is completely different from what I want as older, freer, 26 year old me.

When it’s all said and done, my kids might be younger, my anniversary number may be lower, and my mortgage may be paid off a few years later, but I know that when I choose and when I build my life with another, I’ll be choosing really well.