subject line: Season 7, Episode 22


Under the Mackinac Bridge

You said it was more than a coincidence, You, the green eyed, nerdy boy from Michigan who is obsessed with The Office. And me, the girl who grew up around Scranton, Pennsylvania that moved 700 miles and ended up in your little town. It couldn’t just be an accident that you met a girl who regularly visits your favorite place in the world, a girl who can almost call it her hometown.

Flash forward through the friendship, the seasons and episode marathons, through your laughs, the gentle nudges during every scene with Pam & Jim. Flash forward through the conversation in the car when I told you there was someone else, in Michigan, and my heart was stuck on him...

We got married 4 weeks ago, him and I. And you... You had a friend drop your card in our box at the reception. I opened it, blissfully unaware. I had to read it a few times, just to make sure the signature wasn’t lying. But it was from you. And it was joyful. And kind. And every word of it felt like the last few words on the last page in a book.

It doesn’t mean much now, but I want you to know that we watch Parks and Rec. And I laugh. I laugh so much. I laugh more at one episode of that with him than I ever laughed at all the seasons of The Office with you. And I want you to know: I’m sorry I couldn’t be the Pam you were looking for. But I know you’ll find her someday, because you are the perfect Jim.