subject line: a world away


Athens, Greece

The boy I have loved since I was 15 is across the ocean. I always imagined life with him, finishing up college and getting married and having a perfect family. Taking road trips together and waking up to hot coffee and little kisses. This is the life I imagined, and I was going to be your wife. But right now I’m across the ocean. And for some reason I’m still not sure if I broke up with you a week ago over FaceTime. And right now another boy is taking a nap in my living room and I’m here, typing this. The other boy is tall and handsome, but a different handsome than you are. He’s here and you aren’t. He’s been protecting me this whole summer in this crazy city and i’ve never felt more safe. I’m starting to imagine what it would be like to have a boyfriend who speaks another language and carries my luggage across Greece. My life seems so different than what I had always planned. It’s scary. But I think I’m okay with it.