subject line: to the one who comes next


lI Porticciolio Restaurant and Winery

I was at a restaurant this week, flirting with my charming waiter. First of all, you should know that I never do that, and I know he was just fishing for a good tip, but for once in my life, I was just letting myself have fun and be flirty and imagine what it would be like to fall for someone like him. He said kind things to me and invited me to a party and it felt nice. But then I looked out the window, and I saw you. It wasn’t actually you, of course, since you live 3,000 miles away. But you’ve crept far enough into my mind to make it play tricks on me. And when I realized that you weren’t really there, I didn’t care about waiters or compliments or parties. I just missed you.

So to all the boys who come after you, please be patient with me, and know that I’m trying. I’m moving on, and I’m not pining away for someone who doesn’t want me, but my heart has a lot of healing to do, and sometimes it takes longer than I wish it would. But I’ll get there. And when I do, I’ll be so excited to fall in love with you, and I promise it will be worth the wait.