subject line: worn and confused as hell



The truth is, my heart is weary. I am tired of crawling into bed every night silently trying to convince myself that I DO have beauty to unveil. That I AM worth pursuing. I am sick and tired of being left in the dark by guys who drag me along just to leave me there. It is taking everything in me not to shut out my heart to the prospect of dating. I am hurt and I am afraid.

God, I know I don’t need a man. I know that singleness is a gift and I cherish it. I do. But Lord, protect me from guys who are going to half-ass pursue me and never be straight forward with how they feel. I can handle being single. What I can’t handle anymore is passivity. Passivity is killing my soul and making it hard for me to believe I have any beauty worth unveiling. Restore my heart again. I want to believe I am beautiful and cherished — but how can I do that when I am consistently being left without enough respect to be told why?

Guys, this one is for you. If there is a girl you were seeing and are no longer interested in: tell her. If you think you are “protecting her” by simply ghosting, not responding, or being passive — you are not. You are only protecting yourself by avoiding a potentially awkward conversation. Guard her heart by giving clarity and truth in love. Please be bold and step up in this. Don’t leave us hanging.