subject line: if you'd let me


Atlanta, Georgia

I don’t want to play games with you; and I don’t want to break your heart. I want to listen to Kesha with you, and drink Mountain Dew. I want to hear about your day and have you explain the benefits of having a 401k. I would like to meet your family and see where you grew up. I just want to know you better. To be bold, I just want you to let me love you. Because I think I’d be good at it. I’ll stay at home with you and help with laundry when you don’t want to go out, and I’ll leave a party early with you. I’ll sit with you while you watch One Tree Hill, if you’ll let me. You’re a good man. And one day I hope you’ll give your heart to a girl who will cherish and treasure it the way a heart ought to be cherished and treasured. The way I would cherish and treasure it....... if you’d let me.