subject line: wait for it


picktown, oh

Wait for the boy that will bring you flowers at least once a month just because he knows they bring you joy.

Wait for the boy who lets you be the one who shines sometimes instead of letting you fade into the background.

Wait for the boy who would never dream of flirting with another girl because of his love and morals.

Wait for the boy you feel secure as hell with. He’s out there.

Listen. I’ve been there. I’ve sent emails about heart shattering loss and spilt tears and the feeling of my heart being ripped out of my chest. Go back to 2015 and you’ll find em.

But hear this: he’s out there. I know you’re thinking he’s not. I know you can’t imagine how you could possibly love another man after him. You can’t imagine the heartbreak and longing leaving your chest (it won’t, but it’ll turn into a tiny sliver that half heartedly rears its ugly head only occasionally). But don’t settle. It’ll get better. It’s going to be more painful than you imagine. The breakup will be awful. You might have to kiss a few boys to get the taste of him off your lips. You might have to go on a few dates without the butterflies in your tummy. But it will happen. And it will feel like a cold glass of lemonade on a front porch on a Sunday in May.

Pinky promise.