subject line: to those with romantic hearts like me


out exploring

It’s so nice to watch a movie full of perfect love - perfect romance. When you can sit back and watch and see the feelings start to show. To sit there knowing exactly how the show/movie will end, because that’s what perfect romance is all about

Those beginning moments, where the two individuals begin to get feelings. And they smile at each other often, sneak glances across the room, saying nothing yet everything with just one look. To the state where things become almost unbearable, and you’re yelling at them from the other side of the screen, telling them to just get together. And then they get older, and the girl decides to leave and the boy doesn’t know what to say. She waits for the words she wants to hear, but he never says them. And when you think all hope is lost, you watch as she’s boarding the plane and just like that the boy shows up and confesses his love.

Perfect romance. Perfect love.
It fascinates me. It always has. And now that I’m older, and in my own relationship, I’ve realized that perfect love like that doesn’t exist. Not in that exact way.

Perfect love, the kind in the movies, isn’t raw, it isn’t real. But, if you find someone you love... that is all the perfect love you need. And it is real. Someday your own story will become your favorite romance novel.

There is hope for us hopeless romantics, so take heart. Those stories will not be like yours. Yours will be much better