subject line: life is amazing


atl, ga

I was just checking in on a friend; just asking him how he was doing. His reply was “life is amazing”. Maybe that seems like nothing to anyone else. But this is everything to me. You see, this person used to struggle with depression daily, and even had a couple suicide scares. I used to pray every single night that I would see his face the next day at school. I prayed for the pain and sadness to go away. I didn’t know how to help him, but I did everything I could think of. I got him help. I went months without seeing him smile or hearing him laugh, but slowly, he got better. He sang in the hallways again, he laughed at his own corny jokes again. And just now, today, he said his life is amazing. That does my own heart so good. Never give up on someone because you’re tired of them being sad. The greatest feeling is seeing a smile on that person’s face and watching them fall in love with being alive again