subject line: snapple apple + Alicia Keys - you =


Not in the same state as you

I found myself thinking about you once again. And by once again, I mean all day. Thanks a lot for filling up my thought space with you and all the frickin’ memories we had. They say out of sight out of mind. Well we’re 2,793 miles away. I blocked you on text, snapchat and facebook messenger and somehow you’re still in my mind. They should change that saying to out of sight, still in mind. So here I sit, in my car, in the parking lot of a gas station, listening to Alicia Keys, thinking about how I ain’t got you while drinking Snapple Apple. It tastes different without you. We used to get them all the time. And you would tip the drink upside down before opening to get the flavor going. Then you’d open it and let me drink first and you’d read the fact on the inside of the cap. I did all of that this time. I even looked over to the passenger seat to read the fact to you. You weren’t there. I took some gulps; washing down the taste of your name that was on my lips.