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Hoover, Alabama

Dear Zach,

The week I met you I thought “he’s the one. He’s my future.” I remember staying after til they practically kicked us out listening to you talk about the good food in Birmingham and trying BBQ in other parts of the south. I remember meeting Katie and Matt for the first and realizing they thought we were couple but I didn’t want to correct them because it felt so natural. But then a few weeks went by and I realized you were pretty shy. So I joked about how it was going to take you 6 months to ask me out. Well Zach, we are past the 6 month mark. I get it. You’re really busy with school and also a nervous ball of energy around me sometimes. But I’m in a weird place. I don’t mean to but I am waiting for you. I can’t fully open my mind to other guys because I just see you as my future. And so I need to know. Am I waiting for something? Am I waiting for nothing and need to move on and just enjoy your friendship? I’m fine either way. But I want it be us. I want to do laundry together and cook supper for you and help you live life. And I want you to be the calm in my storm because I think you can. If I were Meg Ryan, I’d tell you to meet me at the Empire State Building. We don’t live NYC. So maybe meet me at the top of the Vulcan. Tell me where we go from here.

Waiting (not so) patiently,