subject line: Uber pool with strangers


San Francisco

“No, don’t ever fucking let her go,” he blurts out.
He was in the passenger seat looking straight ahead, he had a friend in the back there ranting on about his own mess, contemplating whether or not it was time for him to walk away from her.
“Just, listen to me,” he cut him off, “you ever find someone who cares so much for you, you don’t ever let them go. I don’t care whatever circumstances are keeping the two of you from being together, it doesn’t matter, none of it will ever matter. Because once you realize that she is just about the best damn thing you will ever find, she’ll be gone. She’ll be gone, and you’ll be here wishing that you could go back and change it all,” he stopped, he finally admitted to his mistake, “don’t walk down a path you know shouldn’t, if you have better ones to follow.”
The one in backseat broke the dead silence, “you still think about her don’t you?”
“Not a day goes by that I don’t,” he admitted.