subject line: too many hot dogs and too much candy


Reykjavik, Iceland

I just returned from a trip to Iceland. In this unfamiliar planet, we drove around in a bright orange van that we ate and slept in. We didn’t shower. We ate way too many hot dogs and way too much candy. We didn’t have cell service so all we had was a real, paper map. We were cold so we appreciated each other’s warmth. I fell back in love with travel all over again. And then, as always, I had to come back home. I should’ve known I couldn’t run forever.

And so now I’m back home, and I graduate from college in a mere 7 weeks. From this point on, the future is more unknown than it has ever been in my life. I remember the extremely short period of time 4 years ago when I couldn’t see the future. But the difference is that back then, in an instant, I had the picture of the next 4 years of my life painted in an all-too realistic masterpiece. I don’t have that picture right now. And to be honest, I probably never will again. There are no more decisions that will lock me down to anything that I don’t want to do. From now on, literally everything that I do with my life can be the things I’ve dreamed of.