subject line: this is living


Oklahoma City

I got breakfast with a friend and her kids this morning. The kids were crazy and loud and she kept apologizing, but I love it. It just sounds like life, you know? I watched her wrangle kids around and hoped that someday I can be half the mom she is. Then I walked around with the littlest one and made my friend EAT because seriously, moms, you deserve to eat your food sometimes. I stopped by another friend’s house and brought her flowers just because. We sipped coffee and talked for hours and folded laundry while I laughed at the way she folds her t-shirts. Her husband came home for lunch and the three of us debated about whether or not baking bread was hard. I went home and studied with the windows open and noticed how the air felt like Spring today. My mom stopped by for dinner. I went to the grocery store and took my time. I meandered in the fancy cheese aisle for a bit, which I’ve never done, and I’ve never thought cheese seemed like art until that aisle never seemed to end and I felt like I was in a cheese museum. Seriously, there are so many kinds of gourmet cheeses and some of them are so pretty! Anyways, I’m almost done with all of my homework…on time….with time to spare….which has been a rarity for me in this grad school program. Today has been the most mundane and simplest, slow day.

You know those days that are so simple but you just feel so thankful for the way everything feels right in your little world? Life has been bitter and life has been sweet and life always will. But today felt like everything that has ever shifted in my life has settled in all the right places, and I’m thankful. I am so, so thankful.