subject line: dear anyone and everyone


Cambridge, Massachusetts

just remember that evil doesn’t play fair. remember that it will kick you while you’re down. remember that it lies.

when you’re depressed and you start to believe that your friends don’t even love you, and then you think about how you’re not all that pretty, and how you could stand to lose a few pounds, and how someone else could do your job better, remember that the devil is an asshole.

remember that he lies. pause take stock of the fact that those thoughts come in groups- not because they’re true, but because all bundled up they can do the most damage. remember that they’re the same thoughts you had last time you were crumbling. that this spiral is the same one you sunk into the last time things were so hard.

your enemy is unoriginal; he’ll keep using the same attack that worked before.

so stop. breathe. take stock of what’s really, really true: you’re crucial to your world, to the people who care about you, to the people you care about. you’ve had moments of brilliance and ingenuity. you’ve probably said something hilarious that made someone, somewhere, categorize you as “funny” in their brain. you’ve had killer hair days (you’ve also had atrocious hair days; everyone has). you smiled at someone once and you didn’t know that it was all they needed to remember that humanity is worth it. your mom or your dad or someone who loves looking after you thinks you’re the best thing in the world, even if you’re hangry sometimes or you complain a lot or you like attention too much or you flee spotlights like your life depends on it. once, you had a solution that solved a problem. once, someone made you feel like you belong. once, someone valued your opinion and really listened.

these are the things that matter.

don’t listen to that jerkface who keeps hurting you like he did last time and the time before. he’s lying.