subject line: an open letter to whoever is reading



This is weird to say but this is a community. Please don’t stop writing and don’t stop submitting your emails to this thing. Your emails have been a part of the fuel that keeps me going, being able to say “me too” over and over again has let me know that I’m not alone. I’m not alone in through the pain, the troubles and the awful mistakes. And I’m not certainly not alone through the triumphs, the hope, and the redemption.

You are not alone. This is a community and even though this is an anonymous site, people are sharing some of the deepest part of their hearts. I hope that all of us will continue to share and share with the people in our real lives too. Because even more than we are rooting for you (if you’ve got the right people in your life), they’re rooting for you even more. They notice when that light dims and when it comes to life. They notice when you just aren’t yourself and you’re holding back. They notice when you need more time to heal, more space to breathe, and more love than you can give right now.

I hit the “here goes nothing” button almost daily now. It’s been therapeutic in a way. I don’t save any of the letters/emails I submit. If it gets posted, I have an opportunity to look on the beauty, pain, confusion and joy of my life that once was. If it doesn’t get posted, it’s fine, I remember what I need to. A part of me is always a little shocked when mine gets posted.

You’re lives are so beautifully written. I don’t believe pain is bad or good. It’s in the life tree.