subject line: to the boy down the street



I actually don’t remember when I first met you, but I cant stop thinking about the second time. I was at your house as usual because you live with a couple of my close friends. I’m louder than I’d ever like to admit and you heard me with my obnoxious laugh downstairs. You came down just to say hey to me. And you remembered my name.

Now, I always ask about you when I come over to visit your roommates. I have always been the girl to easily make guy friends. Although it has given me a cool perspective on life and taught me a ton, it doesn’t give me a lot of time outside of the friend zone.

Last night you came through my front door. And although I was kind of excited/surprised, you came with a girl. At first I thought, “this is the story of my life”. But someone quickly let me know she is your sister.

I remember being ashamed of flirting but last night, I felt so much freedom. I sat next to you and if either of us got up we somehow found a way to end up back sitting next to the other. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants a couple times. You shamelessly made sure I felt included in everything.

I’m so used to being the friend. I’m so used to being the girl standing there while the guy flirts with my roommate. But this is different and even if it goes nowhere, the freedom to flirt and feel pretty and be noticed, it’s beautiful.