subject line: in response to "it's been a month"


seattle, Washington 

Dear friend who is scrolling through these pages,
You wanted to know if there was someone out there who felt the same feelings you do.
I did too. That is how I found myself here.
And I stopped clicking when I read: “Most of all, I want to know if the girl with the boy in her bed fell for him. Did the boy get back in her bed? It feels unfinished.”
Had my story been published? The one I wrote months ago about the boy who left my sheets? I thought I had kept that one to myself.
I wanted to quickly respond: “He hasn’t yet. But yes, I have fallen hard. And I think he is falling slowly too.”
Before I did though, I searched through the pages; I searched for the boy who left the sheets. I truly thought it was him. But instead, I found him to be different. My boy was still caught in my journal pages.
But to you who wants a saga’s ending, I have a similar story.
One that says: I promise you, you are not alone. That is why we are all here, across the globe, scrolling. One that also had a boy who left her in the sheets when she wasn’t quite sure she liked him that way, but now she’s positive it might be love. And has he returned? In ways he has. In emails, in texts, in phone calls. The night he returned for good, he called for 3 hours (972 miles away) while I was under the sheets to remind me, and now you too: you are not alone.