subject line: it's been a month


Somewhere on the Coast

hey there,

this will be short and sweet. not planned out. but it’s been a month.

a month of me clicking on this website every time i finish something on my computer, right before i close it, just to see if maybe, just maybe something new has been posted. most of all, i want to know if the girl with the boy in her bed fell for him. did the boy get back in her bed? it feels unfinished.

and other than that, i need to know that there are other people out there - and i need other people out there to know that there are others, like me - who find it hard to get out of bed most days. because facing the world is just too hard some days, and the weight of a down comforter, a candle, and some Netflix is much more inviting.

i know patience is a virtue, but this seems a little drawn out. can’t you let us know what happened? i just really want an ending to the saga, if there is one.