subject line: guilty as charged


Middle of Nowhere USA

Here I am spilling out my guts to strangers who can probably understand where I am coming from more than my friends and family will.

Two weeks after we said, “I do,” my job took me away to Texas. We stayed separated for three months, and the only lesson I learned was that absence does not make the heart grow fonder. I continue to stay after hours at work just to avoid going home. I’m filled with guilt because I know ending this marriage will cause him an immense amount of pain. I can’t see him staying here when all of his friends and family are in another state. So not only will I be breaking his heart, but causing him to completely uproot his life again.

I shouldn’t have rushed into marriage. I should of known I wouldn’t be ready. The only thing I’m ready for now is freedom. Coming home to an empty house doesn’t scare me, but excites me.

How does one end a relationship where the other person did nothing wrong? People give advice for newlyweds all the time. No one ever gives advice for when you’re so scared you can hardly breathe.