subject line: it's still raining in the city of angels



Tomorrow the sun will still rise, and the rain will still fall, and the sky will still be blue. But the coffee, the coffee will be gone, the movie will be over, and you’ll find yourself on the last page of the book. The songs will still be there but their meanings will have changed, they won’t be about me anymore or about us; and your shoes, they’ll still be the same shoes that you wore, they’ve just crossed different paths now.
One day you’re going to forget about me.
My name will just be another sound and that song on the radio won’t make your head spin. You can eat my favorite food without losing your appetite, you can laugh a little louder, and smile a little brighter. And ten years down the road when you find yourself back in this small, old town, you’ll drive down my street, you’ll drive by the corner of the sidewalk where we sat there talking all night about our future and it won’t mean a damn thing to you.
One day you’re going to forget about me; that means you’ve moved on, and maybe so should I.