subject line: xoxo, your future mrs.



How do you love someone you’ve never met? Let me do my best to explain. Some people feel completely single when all their friends seem to be getting engaged and married and even starting to have kids. I can’t sit here and say that I don’t feel the same way sometimes, but more than anything it makes me excited — excited to pursue each other, excited for the moment where we realize we can see ourselves spending the rest of forever with each other. Excited for the most mundane things, to the most extravagant. Excited to say yes to forever, to absolutely tear up the dance floor on our wedding night with our friends and family. And trust me, my friends will without a doubt tear it up. Excited to fall in love with you every single day, whatever that looks like. Excited to chase to the cross together, as you lead our family. Excited to put a name and face to my prayers after all these years. Excited to raise our kids and grandkids, and my gosh I can’t wait to grow old and gray. So whoever you are, and wherever you are, I’m praying for you and I love you already. And I hope sometimes you think about me too. Take your time, but also hurry the heck up.