subject line: another "boy in the bed" story


snowy east coast

He’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of. He cares so deeply about me and just wants me to be happy. He celebrates my flaws and challenges me to be better. He’s who I’ve always wanted, but who I never thought I’d find. Somehow the Universe decided it would be good for our paths to cross, and the rest is history. He should be it. This is the one. The person who I assumed I wasn’t good enough for has chosen me. He shows up for me every damn day. We had a sleepover this weekend. We hung out in my bed, watched Netflix, and got to know each other more. I should be overjoyed that this perfect match for me was cuddled up next to me in my bed but here I am questioning it all. I’m going to lose the only boy who has ever made me feel like I can be 100% me, the only boy I haven’t felt insecure around, all because I don’t think I deserve happiness. All because I shudder when he brings me flowers and roll my eyes when he tells me I’m beautiful. I don’t appreciate the sweet gestures because I can’t believe that someone would treat me so well. I’m nothing special. So why is this boy wasting his time on someone as awful as me? Having a boy in your bed is stressful, trust me.