subject line: I am loveable



The past few years have not been too kind to me. I was broken and rerooted in a place I didn’t know anyone and tried my hardest to stay afloat. 2016 was my year of healing old wounds and finding who I was again. It was also the year I met my best friend.

After being brought to my knees with reality of life sometimes I thought I was unlovable, broken to the point that no one would want to help carry my baggage especially for the long haul.

My best friend asked me to be his wife two days ago. I’m still in disbelief that though I feel less than worthy of being completely and totally loved again, this human has loved me unconditionally and wants to spend his forever with me. God has a plan. Despite my scars and bruises, I am still worthy of being loved and becoming a wife someday.

I’m not really one for a lot of words but regardless, sometimes life has a way of making me utterly speechless. Your person is out, trust that through the storms and the hurt there is someone waiting for you on the other side. Keep moving forward, from one fighter/survivor to another.