subject line: to everyone who says, "Just tell him."


Richmond, Virginia

Do you know the worst part of being in love with one of your best friends?

Never telling them because you’re scared you’ll ruin the friendship.

You’ll be the one who thinks the most of them but could never quite say it in the way you want.

You will always want to be a little closer then you should, hug a little longer, hold a little tighter.

You will overanalyze everything because maybe, just maybe they love you too.

You will have to listen to them tell you they love you, but know it’s not in the way you wish it was.

You will have to listen to other friends tease him about other girls, and wish they would tease him about you that way.

You will want so badly to tell him how you feel, you’ll write out a text at least 29 times and delete it over and over.