subject line: double j


Somewhere in the South

Dear Double J,

I’ve never had someone treat me like you do.
You’re ready for anything. Even the simple things.
And you always listen to me and tell me that you love it when I tell you the random things going on in my head.
You want to watch Alice in Wonderland with me because its your favorite movie and you want to me to love it as much as you. It makes me pretty happy that you want me to experience the things you love.
I feel pretty spontaneous with you. I’ve never been really spontaneous before. So even the simple things like you convincing me to go get Subway for lunch when I already packed a lunch, is a pretty big deal.
You make me laugh too often and I’m pretty sure that makes the teacher mad, but that’s okay.
You make me try new things, like that stupid dance everyone is doing nowadays. And I’m starting to not mind looking silly in front of you.
You told me you’d teach me how to use chopsticks, I’m not sure why you would take the time out of your day to do that, but I’m glad you will.
Thanks for asking me to ride with you to lunch when I was having a bad day.
Thanks for showing me my new favorite song when we were at your sister’s party.
And thanks for rolling down the windows and showing me how to feel free.

the girl who likes riding in your Jeep.