subject line: keep writing


by and by

To the Email Writers:

I’ve been reading all of your emails - all the personal struggles, the secret thoughts, and the hidden feelings. I appreciate your honest words and your bravery in sending them. They remind me that there are hurting people in this world. Real people with real hurts and heartaches.

It’s true - I don’t know who you are. You might be the lady next to me in the check out line at Walmart. Or you might be someone walking down the street of a town I’ve never even heard of. But you’re out there. And you’re hurting. And all I can do is say a prayer and ask God to wrap His loving arms around you + remind myself that people are in pain everywhere. I’ll remember that next time I’m tempted to be frustrated with that grumpy lady who never smiles. Because, truth is, she could be any one of you.

Thanks for the reminder.

- An Email Reader

p.s. Things will get better. By and by.