subject line: when the winds of moving on... move you


The City Beautiful

It’s funny how time and acknowledging emotions brings healing to my heart. It’s not funny how investing time and being vulnerable can hurt your heart if the person decides to suddenly walk away because “he’s not ready”. At the same time, it’s lovely to see how much your heart can care for someone besides your nuclear family. Isn’t it crazy? I’ve been single for 25 years and never really liked someone until you came around. I was a first timer for everything. A first timer to feeling wanted, desired, loved, hugged and kissed. My heart always wanted to experience it and with you, with you darling, I had it. For that I’m grateful. You gave my heart a taste of what it is to have those things and even though your not here today, I want to let you know I’m ok. I’m no longer “still” when I think about you, I’m no longer drowning in the depths of my own loneliness, I can proudly say I’m dancing to Taylor Swift because well I gotta shake it off. So, if you find this email, sweetheart, I want to let you know it was cute while it lasted. Us. Whether you come back or not, I’m not worried, I’ll let this slowly die so something new can be born. Thank you for the calls, the broken promises, the pointless selfies, and the words you spoke to my heart. I now know someone is going to come, and that someone, my person, is gonna love me right.

My heart has hope. I will have the cute IG Photo, the conversations won’t run out and love will grow like a fire inside my soul. I won’t let my experiences hinder the way I love. That’s my choice. I hope you have made a choice too.